Affordable Housing Is A Human Right

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Our mission is to provide resources, support, and affordable housing solutions to empower families and ultimately end homelessness in our communities.

The Problem

There is a significant need for affordable housing in the United States. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, there is a shortage of 7.2 million affordable and available rental homes for extremely low income renters.

Our Solution

Project PRC plans on providing homes for 1,000 families this year with help from your tax deductible donations. Our goal is to create communities for the less fortunate and more importantly combat homelessness that is plaguing the United States.

Donate Now to Provide Homes to Those in Need

Our strong conviction is that safe, affordable, and high-quality housing should be accessible to all, and we work ceaselessly to make this a reality through your tax deductible donations.

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Small Donations, Big Impact

Families in Need of Humanitarian Assistance

Join our “10 for 10” campaign at Project PRC, and make a $10 donation to help end homelessness and provide affordable housing. Encourage 10 friends to donate $10 each, multiplying the impact. Together, we can create a network of supporters committed to making a lasting difference. Donate $10, inspire 10 friends, and be a force for change. Let’s ignite compassion and generosity in our community and beyond.

10 For 10 Campaign

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ProjectPRC 14 About Project PRC Nonprofit National Organization Fighting Homelessness In America

Our Programs

Rental Assistance Program For Apartment Owners Management Companies And Tenants Project PRC

Rental Assistance

For families facing emergencies.

First Time Home Buyers Program For Affordable Housing Low Income Housing And Workforce Housing Project PRC

Down Payment Assistance

Dreams can come true, with your help.

Community Development Program For Affordable Housing Low Income Housing And Workforce Housing Project PRC

Community Redevelopment

Developing affordable homes for all.

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Empowering Families, Ending Homelessness.


Become A Volunteer!

Join us in making a difference as a Project PRC volunteer. Our non-profit is dedicated to offering affordable housing solutions for the homeless. Be a part of our mission to create positive change in the lives of those in need. Volunteer now and help us build homes, hope, and a brighter future for all.

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